About222 Seniors

Senior portraits are a pretty big deal.

They’re key in terms of documenting who you are at such an integral part of your life. Make it worth it and choose a photographer that gets your style and understands what you want to say through your images. Senior portraits are a big deal for you.

I get it. There are plenty of places to shop around for senior portraits. I know them. I’ve seen them. We all offer something a bit different and most of us are good at what we do. Let me differentiate from the rest. 222 Seniors does not do studio photography. No stone washed backdrop, no stool, nothing that facilitates a stale image because you are not stale. We don’t ask for cheese. We don’t ask you to be anything other than yourself. You. The social, stylish, bold, cute, authentic little pieces that are only you. That’s what we’re after.

Why 222? We’re a family and a set of photographers that believe in your killer attributes; those pieces that make you pretty darn incredible. We believe that senior portraits are more of an experience than a forced smile; they are actual laughs, your unique look, style, happiness, joy and enthusiasm that represent who you really are. That’s why we focus on an experience. It brings out those qualities unique to you. We photograph outside in areas that help to relax and bring out your personality. We’ll make dynamic, beautiful images mixed with a bit of adventure. We let moments happen. We act. We move around. We have fun. We create together and when all is said and done you’ll have a set of high end images that make you look outrageously good while likely inciting envy.

So yeah, we’re excited for you and we would love to make something memorable with you.

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Each image contains at least 1000 jealousy packed words from friends and other seniors